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My Inspirations

Check out the new profiles in the My Inspirations section of the website. This is dedicated to the engineers, thinkers, tinkerers and more who lead me down the road I'm on.

Latest Profiles

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This will be an ever growing list of people I would love to meet one day and have a conversation with. Each of them had an impact in my life personally and the lives of many others just like me. Now you can read about them and see how they influenced you too.

Two Custom Shops!

Check out the new items in the Shop. Currently the "Shop" consists of 2 different Stores. Each shop carries different types of items.

Apparel Shop

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Some custom items are offered through a Share & Sell Store powered by LogoSportswear. This is mainly just apparel items like shirts, hoodies, etc.

Main Shop


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The rest of my items are sold in the Main Shop. We carry the following items here:

  • Stickers
  • Hats
  • STEM Kits
  • Custom PCBs

New Blog Posts!

8 posts are up on the Blogs page. New posts are always in progress and probably... okay always contain multiple parts. The newest posts are listed below!

Website Creation Pt. 4

Using OpenCV to Detect Spicy V.S. Regular Chicken Nuggets pt. 1

My First FTCROSbot Pt. 2

My First FTCROSbot Pt. 1

Website Creation Pt. 3

Latest Github Repos

FRC Zero

FRC Zero Logo

FRC Zero is an open source project I started to help new teams get started with FRC. It is a collection of resources and tutorials to help new teams get started. Anyone can contribute to the projects, add new guides, etc.

You can also visit the project github page here.